Descalso’s CD Release Party!

I came to the Artesian about 20 minutes before the show started. It appears to be an old building but very well renovated (also, mirin dat unisex sink!), with a decent bar and an awesome dance floor for viewing the stage close up. The Dead South came on first and started off with an upbeat, melodic folk/bluegrass song. That song seems to be a reflection of the band as the entire set was precisely that, upbeat songs that kept everyone dancing as the band sang about such hard hitting topics such as incestuous love, mountains, and cigarettes. Colton Crawford’s banjo resonated well throughout the Artesian, especially during what sounded like a cool little solo. Nathaniel Hilts’ and Connor Malloy’s voices also were very strong and stayed in key the whole time. Personally though, my highlight of the show was watching a balding beta in a plaid jacket and a beard and his girlfriend (presumably named Josh and Zoey, 2 zany lovers that don’t put a label on their life parter relationship, met at a Wonder Years concert and are both into Adult Swim, bacon, and foreign beers) slow dancing to The Dead South’s spot on cover of Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Wagon Wheel”. -Jumbo Shrimp  

I showed up a little later and missed out on hearing The Dead South. Here are my thoughts on the second act of the evening:

Fly Points is a fairly new 5 piece band from right here in Regina. I had no idea what to expect from these guys walking into this show, but they did not disappoint. These guys have a really tight pop/rock sound and looked really comfortable on stage for apparently not having played many shows. I have to mention that Danny, the frontman in this band, has a really prominent stage presence. His voice really stood out as unique in my mind. It combined elements of Jacob Hogart of Hedley’s and Scott Stapp of Creed’s voice (I mean this in the best way possible. seriously though). If I heard these were playing again, I would totally stop in to check them out again. -leatherman

Fly Points is: Danny Goertz - Vocals/Guitar, Billy Vancise - Guitar, Graeme Watson - Bass, Julien Johnson - Keyboard/vocals, Robby Vancise- Drums/vocals. 

Finally, the lights dimmed and the crowed filled fast as Descalso was about to hit the stage. We are not Descalso show virgins by any means and are both personally big fans, and are personal of friends of the band personnel; they are all chill guys, would bro/10. At any rate, before Descalso took to the stage, a strange masked individual hit the stage  and played us a little diddy. The stranger revealed himself as the lead guitarist of Descalso Paul Lucyk as he was joined by the rest of his bandmates. The band played a cool mix of pop-reggae, blues and hip hop with a cool Carribian feel that mixed together quite nicely. Paul Lucyk’s tone brought most of the blues feel and for some of the show he even had a heavy Tommy Iommi tone, whether he intended to or not. With Gaelan Malloy and Neil Robinson holding down a thick, solid, tight beat, at one point Lead singer Cristian Moya was joined by rapper Info Red aka Brad Basic and they did a really cool freestyle jam that got the entire place shaking (quite literally, you could feel the floor heaving). In conclusion, if you feel like seeing a band that plays songs that make you want to dance, Descalso is for you.

Hang Loose,

-Jumbo Shrimp ft. The Leatherman